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  • PCI SSDs are getting fast...2GB/s - G.Skill Phoenix Blade Series 480GB PCIe SSD.

  • A culture of envy - Talks a bit about the recent book "Capital in the 21st Century" which I will soon be's on my shelf.

  • Mature engineering

    ...sometimes culture is bullshit. Culture is bullshit when a company thinks that having a ping pong table makes up for overbearing and demeaning management. Culture is bullshit when "unlimited vacation" is an intentional bait-and-switch to represent "no vacation." Culture is bullshit when misguided engineers take pleasure in forcing interview candidates to experience as uncomfortable an interview experience as possible to feed their own egos. Perhaps a more apt wording is that in our industry, culture is often bullshit.

  • Pro Git V2 - Version 2 is out, nice.