md5 collisions save latin.

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  • Word.



  • I saved latin

  • Then what's clojure?



  • The Harsh Reality Of The New Enterprise World

    Siebel Systems, the most epic 1990s software company, hit a billion dollars in revenue seven years after it was founded. That’s nuts., our era’s equivalent legendary tale, took 10 years — and that’s with massive losses along the way. ... while the next generation of companies is very exciting, most upstarts and IPOs aren’t nearly as profitable as their predecessors. the new world, your competitors are only an electronic signature, a DNS change or an API call away.

  • For some reason I find this really funny.

  • Skill shortage debate - Hire smart, creative people, who can learn and let them work into the jobby job

    You don't see the "best available athlete" mentality, Cashman laments, referring to the professional sports strategy of signing the best player available rather than hiring a lesser player to fill a specific position. Hire a smart, creative person who's eager to learn, and train that person on the rest, she advises clients, before the other valuable people on your team walk out or you blow the business deadline.

  • Introducing Dynomite - Making Non-Distributed Databases, Distributed

  • Applications in the Cloud world - Lots of good points

    1. Do not design for cross cloud portability — this is an useless attempt